How the big legendary singer from Indonesia Titiek Puspa cure her cancer by meditation

Cervical cancer or cancer of the cervix is very feared women, because it can lead to death. In the world, found 493.243 new cases of cervical cancer each year. Of that amount, who died around 273.505, with an estimated 80 percent occur in developing countries.

In 2002 in Indonesia there are cases of 15.050 and about 7.566 are known to have died. Noted that Indonesia ranks first after the Philippines, Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, and Brunei.

Cervical cancer is generally (99,7%) caused by infection with Human Papiloma Virus (HPV), which grows and develops slowly. Initially, the HPV virus entry into cells of the mouth of the uterus. This cancer can be prevented by means of inspection of the papsmear to know early changes in the cells in the mouth of a normal uterus toward the pre cancerous cells.

Learning More about Ashtanga Yoga

Currently, ashtanga yoga is a popular technique that always attracts public attention. In recent years, yoga is the hits that are part of the modern lifestyle. In each city, we can find a club to yoga with many categories. Generally, people understand yoga as something that is run by women. Also, it is something that is very easy to do. And so, people do not need rigorous training to be able to do yoga. In fact, it's not as simple as that. To answer some curiosity about yoga, one needs to understand the basic purpose of yoga. Basically, yoga is a combination of gymnastics and meditation. Those are two things that represent physical and mental strength. So you can be sure that everything will be perfect workout for you.

Ashtanga Yoga and the Benefits

There are many benefits we can get from yoga. First of all, it will form an optimal strength of our body. Our bodies are made ​​up of lots of nerves and muscles that are connected. Every day, we did activities with the parts of our body. Meanwhile, our body also needs a rest period. When we rest, we have the option to sleep or relax. But most people who have slept still had problems with the burden of thinking, and ultimately have an impact on the physical condition. It was not good because your body will store more and more load. At the limit, you will feel very tired and unable to do anything else. Well, the practice of yoga will help you.

How Deep Sleep Meditation Can Heal You

Deep sleep meditation is a holistic solution for people who want to enjoy deep and sound sleep but are unable to have one. Sleep problem has become one of the most prevalent problems in the United States. The National Sleep Foundation has made a report stating that more than 60 percent of adults in the United States are suffering from sleep problem. The stressful conditions at home and workplace contribute to the increasing severity of this problem. And it is further exacerbated by their unhealthy lifestyle. 

The prevalence of obesity, consumption of junk and unhealthy foods, and seemingly unmitigated pollution have directly or indirectly contributed to the spread of sleep problem among Americans. Meditation, which provides sleep relaxation treatment, is considered an effective way to get rid of sleep problem holistically.

Deep Sleep Meditation among Other Solutions

Meditation is indeed not the only solution that people with sleep problem can rely on to restore their capability to enjoy sound sleep. Many other solutions, such as exercises, behavioral improvement, and consumption of barbiturates and tranquilizers, have been used as reliable solutions to overcome sleep problem. Those solutions, however, are proven to be not very effective because they mostly deal with the physical aspect sleep disorder, while such disorder is actually caused not only by physical factors, but also psychological ones, particularly stress and depression. Meditation is considered a reliable solution for sleep problem because it addresses not only the physical factors of that problem, but also its psychological ones.

Cure Your Psychology Problems with Spiritual Healing

When you're under stress, you should take spiritual healing. It is a solution that is highly recommended for those who are familiar with solid routines. Every day, you have to face new problems. Not to mention the issue of work and home. If you just let them, you do not solve the problem. Sometimes, you just need to sit down, shut up, or lie down. Then, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Every day, you can do it before bed. But if you are still experiencing distress, you should perform the method on a new stage.

Spiritual Healing for Beginners

There are various ways to do spiritual healing. In the most complicated stages, you can take chakra healing. It is a method adapted from the East. Basically, the human body consists of several levels. Each level has a distinctive and particular character. The problem is how we can open each chakra. It most often occurs is when people just reach a general level. At the top level, a person has achieved peace and can interact with both fellow creatures. For starters, it is a very difficult thing. Therefore, this can be done gradually.

Creating a Comfort Condition with Spiritual Healing

Meditation is a method that can deliver you to healing. With it, you can achieve the healing. Unfortunately, not everyone can run a meditation and concentration. Sometimes, they have to undergo some difficult things during meditation. First of all is the intention and dedication. You must have a purpose for doing meditation. Then, the next issue is how you can survive the training. Remember that this is not just a physical problem. You still face many challenges during training. Do it in a simple and you will definitely reach inner peace? With the convenience, you can do it. The trick is to create a situation or condition that support. You can choose a particular room to do meditation. Or, you can search for music to bring you to a comfortable situation.

How Relaxation Music Strengthen Your Health

We can enjoy a pleasant experience with relaxation music. Music is one thing that will support your comfort during relaxation. Everyone has some favorite music so that they can adjust to the needs and comfort. Sometimes, with the music, we can become more fresh and healthy. Several studies have shown that music is a simple tool that can boost our health without ever knowing it. In the meantime, we can be more flexible in enjoying life. How music can affect our health?

Relaxation Music for Beginners

Everyone has preferences in music. However, if you choose the relaxation music, you need to adjust the goal. Basically, music is a positive thing for the body and soul. Because listening to music to create a relaxed situation and the nerves will function as usual. Hence, there is a lot of advice from the doctors to always listen to music when we're anxious. Still, relaxation is a different matter. It will be the same as we were going to do meditation. In meditation, we should be able to calm the mind up to the optimal point. This is where you have to find the right music and will not make you jittery. Remember that it will be clearly different from your music taste.

How Meditation for Kids Are Very Good Today

When there are a lot of reviews about meditation for kids, each parent was intrigued by it. But they also feel that meditation can be successful in children. Anyway, the kids do not really understand about meditation. Although there is some debate about the methods of meditation that can run the kids, there should be some interesting things that we can draw from this phenomenon. Why are the kids doing meditation? And how it would be good for these days? Last is how the kids will meditate in accordance with the standards, but they do not have to do strenuous exercise? We will answer these questions in a simple way.

Meditation for Kids on Basic Ways

There is a guided meditation for kids, and that we can start with the basics. For meditation, a child should be prepared and aware of it. As a parent, you can make sense of what meditation is. You do not need to explain the complicated language. Just put in the right position because they are still children. First of all, you can explain that meditation is a game to be still and quiet. Also, it is a way to practice breathing properly. Why we should regard this as a 'game'? However, the kids love to play with anything around them. If you explain the intricate style of meditation, you will only be experiencing difficulty. Therefore, the most basic step is to explain meditation as something fun.

Learning Different Types of Meditation

There are many different types of meditation so that everyone has the opportunity to train the body and mind easily. But if we return to the initial understandings, meditation has the purpose to achieve health tau cure disease. So if someone wants to meditate properly, he should be able to live it comfortably and safely. There are three general types of meditation that can be adjusted to comfort. They were guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, and moving meditation. What and how do we do that? The following are brief explanations.

Different Types of Meditation: Guided and Mindfulness

The first is one of the easy types meditation. It is a way of applying meditation by focusing through certain tools. You can choose a method of visual or audio, or a combination of both. In addition, there are other methods that use smelling so our minds can be guided through these means. It is expected that these tools will inspire us to reach the stage of tranquility in mind. After that, our mind will be more relaxed and focused. With a calm and relaxed mind, we can perform the activity comfortably

And we can avoid the risk of disease. The second type is the use of focusing on what we think. It will be a little difficult because you have to let your mind liberated. Observe and think these thoughts, but you just missed them. Let them fly freely so that we can attain perfect tranquility. It is better to undergo the first type, and then develop it in the second type.